Monday, Monday

Melissa Stagnaro

Ah, Monday, most hated of days. Always striving to undermine our best intentions, sabotage our most productive plans.

When I stepped outside the door this morning and saw all that sparkling snow, I thought to myself, this will be a good day.

That giggly, girlish delight lasted precisely 28 minutes. At which point, I arrived at work to discover our coffee pot crisis was far from over. The new-to-us machine which had arrived on Friday to replace the no-longer-functioning previous piece of coffee making equipment wasn’t working. Even though we hadn’t used it yet.

For the record, I would like to state that while I accept full responsibility for the demise of our old coffee maker, I had no hand in the second one’s ruin. I never even touched it, I swear!

My protestations of innocence did not, however, stop Tyler from shooting me a look, after staring at said piece of non-functioning equipment, which communicated some very dark thoughts indeed.

I mean, imagine: Monday morning. Deadline. No coffee.

Grown men have wept over less.

Tyler came to the rescue, however, dipping into his emergency stash of instant coffee. They don’t call that stuff Taster’s Choice for nothing. It was sweet nectar on my tongue, and I felt compelled to celebrate this as a victory.

A bit premature, as it turned out, but I was as yet unaware that the cursed day had a few more tricks up her crafty little sleeve.

Take that, Monday! I thought, as I raised my Chobani yogurt-laden spoon to my mouth. Only to discover too late the cup in hand was long past its sell-by date. No one’s fault but my own, I assure you, since I found the aforementioned cup of yogurt lurking in the back of the fridge when I cleaned it out last week. I should have known it was too good to be true.

And, regrettably, it was all down hill from there. You see, I wasn’t the only one being targeted by the day’s evil machination – Monday had set its sights on the whole of The Evening Sun. First we discovered the fax machine had been out of paper all weekend. Then, we realized “the wire” – our AP server – was down.

And Monday wasn’t done with us yet. Around 10, phone calls and emails started coming in about one of the questions on the Progress Trivia list. It was one of mine, number 18, concerning the NYS Veteran’s Home in Oxford. Seems the paragraph containing the answer had ended up on the editing room floor, so to speak. Oopsie.

The question will now be a freebie for all who enter the contest. But in case you’re wondering, Experience Works is the agency which presented the Vet’s Home with its 2010 NYS Host Agency Champion Award this past year.

As Jeff was heard muttering, today is going to be a very long day.

So far I’ve managed to resist the urge to curl up in a little ball under my desk and sit the rest of it out. I categorically refuse to cede victory. I will persevere despite Monday’s best efforts to knock me out of the ring.

But man, do I wish I’d followed my coworker Brian Golden’s lead and taken today off.

With my luck, though, it would have just postponed the inevitable. Because, as we all know, the Tuesday after a three-day weekend always feels like a Monday.

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