Editor’s Notebook: 1/31/11

Jeff Genung

• Monday, Monday … can’t trust that day …

• So I get to work this morning and not only has Melissa Stagnaro broken yet another coffee maker (good thing I bring mine from home), but also the AP Wire machine died overnight. Grrr. There’s an alternate way for us to get Associated Press copy to put on our state, national, world and sports pages of course, but it’s a pain in the neck. Not off to a good start.

• And then it got worse. An astute reader (followed by several others) filling out our “Progress Pursuit” quiz told me they couldn’t find the answer to Question 18, published Friday. That’s because it wasn’t in there, courtesy of yours truly. Melissa’s story on the NYS Vets’ Home in Oxford ran a little long, so I trimmed certain parts to fit it in one of the last sections of Progress – including, I discovered this morning, the part that answered the question! Great move, Ed. (If you’re curious, the question was “What agency awarded the New York State Veteran’s Home in Oxford its 2010 NYS Host Agency Champion Award on November 11, 2010?” The answer: Experience Works, formerly Green Thumb). We did cover that in the regular paper of course, but you wouldn’t have known that by reading the Progress story – so we voided the question. If you’re trying for that year’s supply of Chobani yogurt (entries must be postmarked on or by Feb. 1), just ignore Question 18! It’s already been voided from the online entry form, which you can find here. Sorry if you spent an inordinate amount of time searching for the answer!

• So I’ve already got my tickets for this Saturday’s show at the Chenango County Council of the Arts – the amazing vocal group m-pact. Haven’t heard of them? Me neither – but I bet not for long. Check out this YouTube video … and call 336-2787 to reserve your tickets for this weekend’s show!