Editor’s Notebook: 1/27/11

Jeff Genung

• “Hey, you know that thing I just sent you to put in the paper? Can you tell me exactly what issue it will be in? I don’t subscribe to the paper and don’t want to have to buy it every day!” I’m sure people have no idea how insulting this is, but I get it far too frequently. The simple answer? No, I will not. And in fact now that you’ve said that, I will probably hold off putting that “thing” in the paper as long as possible, forcing you to plunk down your 75 cents every day until it appears. Because I’m vindictive that way.

• Part IV of our seven-part “Boon or Bust?” series on natural gas drilling appears in today’s edition, this installment by Melissa Stagnaro and focusing on the agricultural sector, as seen through the eyes of those in and around Dimock, Pa. It’s an interesting read. There’s certainly a lot to consider on this far-reaching issue.

• How cool is it that Gladding Braided Products is going to be on the History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” tomorrow night? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had no intention whatsoever of watching this show, yet got completely sucked into it while channel surfing. It’s mostly about stuff you’d never think about, in the “How do they do that?” category – which is exactly where South Ot’s Gladding comes in. And here I thought they just made fishing line (turns out they don’t, anymore). Set your DVRs for 9 p.m. and see a hometown company put us on the map.

• And speaking of cool, how about Norwich’s own Kati Williams? She’s the student manager of the Colgate women’s hockey team and, it turns out, the inspiration behind their Autism awareness events this weekend.