Editor’s Notebook: 1/26/11

Jeff Genung

• Been a while, I know. Putting the final touches on our Progress Chenango 2011 editions had me behind the eight ball this week, but I can now proudly put a -30- on that one. Done and done. My edict forbidding even the word “progress” to be spoken aloud in The Evening Sun newsroom is in effect until after Thanksgiving.

• For me it’s over, but for you – you’re smack dab in the middle of Progress Chenango 2011, with sections 5 and 6 appearing in today’s Evening Sun. I hope you like what you’ve seen and read so far; feedback has been enormously positive and encouraging, thank you.

• Need even more incentive to read through this hefty tome of Chenango’s Progress? How about a year’s supply of yogurt? That’s right, we’ve partnered with Agro Farma, makers of the to-die-for Chobani yogurt, to sponsor a Progress readership contest. Every day this week, there’s an ad in Progress (and the regular print edition) with four “trivia” questions you can only answer by reading the Progress stories. Add ‘em all up at the end of the week and those who’ve answered all the questions correctly will be entered into a drawing to win a year’s supply of Chobani. Good read and good eats – can’t say we don’t treat you well here at Chenango County’s Hometown Daily.

• And with that, I’m done writing about Progress.