Editor’s Notebook: 1/19/11

Jeff Genung

• The ol’ Editor’s Notebook may be a bit scant this week, as I’m knee-deep in the glories of Progress Chenango, coming to newsstands near you next Monday. Please, try not to weep.

• I put a picture of chicken and biscuits on the front page today. Granted, it was to illustrate a story about a good-cause fundraiser, but still. Progress clearly makes me a little loopy. And hungry.

• Besides the aforementioned Progress (and I promise you, as God is my witness, we will stop aforementioning the living hell out of it soon), the biggest worry on my mind is whether or not I’m going to commit to another season of American Idol starting tonight. Those who watch the show, and judging by the ratings most of you do, know that it really is a commitment. The audition shows, Hollywood Week, Top 24, girls night, boys night, results shows – you’re talking a hundred hours of television here. And this year, without my beloved (and some might say kindred) Simon Cowell, I’m wondering – should I bother? I may tune in out of curiosity to see what’s become of Steven Tyler’s face, but without Simon’s acerbic but spot-on criticisms, I think Idol may have lost much of its appeal. See what pressing decisions I’m faced with?