Editor’s Notebook: 1/17/11

Jeff Genung

• Monday, and I’ve already put in 25 hours … it’s going to be one of those weeks.

• Last night, in my post-Progress-making stupor, I enjoyed a nice dinner of Chinese food. Until I got to the fortune cookie, that is. You know, the oddly-folded piece of vaguely sugary cardboard that wraps a usually poorly written and/or misspelled bon mot? Well last night, I crack open my barely-edible faux cookie and Confucius himself, it seems, delivered my fortune: “Adapt to circumstances in order to make Progress.” OK, I added the capital P, but still. Freaky, no? Next time when I get one of those “The dream is within you” fortunes, it will pale in comparison, I’m sure.

• Did you see the picture on today’s front page of that 4th grader who made the half-court shot during halftime at Friday’s Norwich game? Pretty Shaq-tastic, if you ask me. I’m not sure I could make a basket with a step ladder under the rim. But he only got 32 bucks?!?