Editor’s Notebook: 1/13/11

Jeff Genung

• Heading into what is one of my most insanely busy times of the year (did we mention it’s Progress time?), I managed to throw my back out yesterday. No, not by moving a grand piano singlehandedly or rescuing a kid from a car wreck by using my bare hands as a Jaws of Life. Or even during acrobatic sex, for that matter. No, I misaligned my vertebrae or discs or tectonic plates or whatever they are simply by getting out of the car in the Tops parking lot. I think someone’s trying to tell you something about following through on that New Year’s resolution to get in shape, Jeff.

• Brian Golden took on Part II of our “Boon or Bust?” series on natural gas drilling, as seen through the eyes of Dimock, Pa. in today’s paper. It’s a compelling tale of one of the couples whose water supply was purportedly ruined by hydrofracturing activities. Definitely an uglier side to that story. There’s more to come – five more, in fact. Look for this series every Thursday in The Evening Sun.

• Tyler Murphy presented me with one of those newspaper dilemmas with his story this morning – an armed standoff situation in Plymouth that started after midnight and was still going on as we were ready to go to press. Do you run with the story, printing the information that you have, or wait until it’s all over? Since it had already been going on for quite a while and he seemed to have a good handle on what was going on, I decided to run with it in print. Sure enough, shortly after we rolled off the presses, the situation was resolved and the suspect (turned out to be a mental health issue) was taken into custody peacefully. He updated the story quickly, and we posted it to the website. Another lesson in the wonders of new media. Thankfully no one was hurt. The people in Plymouth, not Tyler.

• Because Melissa Stagnaro would undoubtedly be jealous that I didn’t mention her in my blog today, her story was about new flavors of Chobani yogurt introduced by our very own Agro Farma. Two cases of which, she promptly ate.

• If you haven’t seen it, Tosh.0 on Comedy Central is perhaps the funniest show on television right now. Just sayin’.