Editor’s Notebook: 1/10/11

Jeff Genung

• Fair Warning: The editorial deadline for our annual Progress Chenango series of special sections is this Friday, Jan. 14. What that means for the casual reader is a plethora of blogs, columns, tweets and whines from my trusty reporting staff about how busy they are this week.

• Fair Warning II: Once their deadline has passed, my week of hell begins. Expect the same from me, only a week later.

• Even though it’s crunch time at the good ol’ ES, we really are excited to bring you Progress Chenango 2011 – coming to a newsstand (or computer screen) near you from Monday, Jan. 24 to Friday, Jan. 28. We’ve got some great stories and ads from Chenango County’s finest this year – it’s definitely a must-read.

• Congratulations to the Chenango United Way for coming thisclose to meeting their goal for this year’s campaign – quite a feat considering the state of the economy. And the real encouraging news, according to Brian’s story today, is that more people gave this time around than in past years.

• So a couple guys in Sherburne thought it was a good idea to pour gasoline down a sink (next to a hot water heater) and torched their apartment. More proof that Darwin was right.

• Stories We Probably Won’t Get to Because of Progress: Got a letter today from a gent in the UK who claims that Mark David Chapman didn’t really kill John Lennon – at least knowingly. He wants The Evening Sun to launch an investigation, but I’m not sure we’ll get around to it. Seems there’s a yogi over on that side of the pond who can impose his will on the minds of innocents and make him do their bidding. Apparently there was some sort of trouble at an ashram with John, Paul, George and Ringo in the late ‘60s, and this Jedi Master guy has been PO’d ever since, causing all the chaos and tragedy in the lives of the Beatles. Guess that explains “Caveman.”