Editor’s Notebook: 1/7/11

Jeff Genung

• My column today is all about Letters to the Editor (that would be me) and how to write them. Read it here, then sit down and fire one off! We get a lot of them as it is, but I’d be happy to make room for more. Sure ‘30 Seconds’ is more fun, but do you really take it seriously?

• Please tell me you don’t, or I will cry.

• The Village of Oxford will have three seats up for grabs in this spring’s elections – one for mayor and two for trustees. Hopefully this advance-notice story in today’s paper will prompt some people to run for office and get some voters to … vote. 58 people voted last year? Really? Sorry Oxfordians, a 4 percent turnout is pretty pathetic.

• Was I the only one fooled by that “story” going around on Facebook earlier this week about the Snowstorm to End All Snowstorms that was gonna happen this weekend? Looking out my office window right now, my trained meteorologist’s eye (I won’t tell you what other parts I have from him) tells me it snowed about an inch. Good thing I stocked up on bottled water, Spam and tin foil.

• I actually like Spam. With those Betty Crocked au gratin potatoes? Yumm. Just like Mom used to make.

• Can you tell it’s Friday? This blog is going absolutely nowhere.

• Insert pithy bullet point here. See you Monday.