Editor’s Notebook: 1/5/11

Jeff Genung

• So a police sketch artist released a depiction of the suspect in Monday’s New Berlin Liquors robbery, which we published today. I don’t want to cast aspersions, but it looks to me like a certain local Twitter addict … (Just seeing if you’re still reading!)

• Tomorrow is the start of our seven-part series on natural gas drilling, as seen through the lens of a recent Evening Sun staff trip to Dimock and Montrose, Pa., where they’re deep in the frackin’ Marcellus. Melissa deCordova gives us the first installment, describing the scope of the series and the current state of affairs. Even though Chenango isn’t nearly as involved in the gas drilling biz as they are in Pa. – yet – I think it’s a pretty interesting comparison. Look for this series, “Boon or Bust?” on the front page of The Evening Sun on Thursdays.

• On the first Wednesday of every month, we at Snyder Communications endure … err, celebrate … what’s known colloquially as “Birthday Cake,” wherein we mark birthdays and anniversaries for the upcoming month, and share news among our many divisions. The big news today? Our esteemed colleague, longtime Pennysaver advertising consultant Keith May, is leaving us next week after 28 years in the trenches. He’ll be taking on a new role at Sidney Federal Credit Union, and we couldn’t be happier for him, though he’ll be sorely missed. Hey Keith — you know who was just asking about you the other day? No one. :)

• I must also note here for the record that there was in fact no cake at “Birthday Cake.” Fresh fruit? Really? Stop trying to make me healthier; it’s not going to work.