Editor’s Notebook: 12/30/10

Jeff Genung

• Welcome to my penultimate Editor’s Notebook for 2010. I’m calling just about everything “penultimate” today because I really, really like that word.

• Perhaps the biggest news of the day that didn’t make the paper was that we apparently ran out of coffee in the office this morning. I say “apparently” only because I’ve long since abandoned drinking the company-provided swill myself; I bring my own from home. But I well understand the importance of keeping the underlings caffeinated at all times – especially on deadline. “Overheard in the Newsroom” is a popular blog some of us follow on Facebook, featuring bon mots from the biz. A recent one advised, “Don’t think of coffee as an addiction; think of it as vaccine against being a bitch.” Ahem. Thank you, Pam Jones, for making that dangerous trek across the parking lot to steal some java from the Pennysaver. Crisis averted.

• The “Thumbs” thing kills me, it really does … as you can read in Melissa’s blog today. I spared them the torture last week because I always run “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” on Christmas Eve. Why I spared them for tomorrow, I’m really not sure – but it’s too late to go back now, I guess.

• Be sure to stop by your local newsstand tomorrow for our special “Year in Review” New Year’s Eve edition. Oh, and it’s also got our latest “DVD Patrol” team up with our friend The Toddster – highlighting our favorite movies of 2010. Clearly, the ES crew needs to get out to the movies more often judging by some of their dubious picks, but hey. And, I suppose it goes without saying, but I will just to say that I did – The Evening Sun’s offices will be closed Friday in observance of New Year’s Eve (but some of us will still be toiling away behind locked doors). Back to business as usual on Monday!