Editor’s Notebook: 12/29/10

Jeff Genung

• No blog yesterday, because I took the afternoon off. Took advantage of a slow news day to use up some more of that use-it-or-lose-it vacation time. Now that I mention it, why am I here right now?

• Working on our special “Year in Review” edition for Friday, for one thing. My trusty staff and I brainstormed our “Top Ten” stories of 2010 last week, and you’ll get to read our picks on New Year’s Eve. Say what you will about our sleepy little burg, but we sure don’t lack for news.

• This week being a notable exception, of course. Faced with filling our “For the Record” page this morning, I remarked aloud, “No one’s even bothering to die this week!”

• Quite a bit of “30 Seconds” flack on that story we ran about the city considering a flashy LED advertising sign north of town. Prediction: It won’t happen. It was just an outside company making a presentation to the city council, folks. I’m pretty confident our city leaders would be just as uncomfortable as the rest of you with leasing city property for a tacky neon sign – advertising local businesses or not.