Random Monday musings

Brian Golden

Some random thoughts on this chilly (more like frozen) Monday following the Christmas holiday…

OK, so I understand that some people take advantage of the week between Christmas and the New Year to go on vacation, visit family or whatever it is people who actually get out of town do, but I didn’t realize the entire city was going on hiatus. For the first time I can remember, I didn’t have a single e-mail in my inbox when I got in to work this morning. On top of that, I haven’t received a single e-mail all day – unheard of.

As to Christmas, my mom, Steve, Grammy and I had a wonderful Saturday morning and afternoon – opening presents, spending some quality time together and enjoying another in a long line of fantastic holiday meals prepared by one of the best cooks I’ve ever known, my mom.

With our Progress Chenango deadline just over the horizon, I’m feeling pretty good as it pertains to setting up interviews and working on the information I’ve gathered to date. However, if this trend of nearly-every-living-soul-in-the-city-going-into-hibernation (or wherever it is everybody disappeared to) well, let’s just say I’ll start feeling a bit nervous.

Speaking of nerves, these nightmares I’ve been having lately need to stop and stop right quick. I’m fairly certain they’re related to my continued effort to quit smoking (which is going quite well by the way) but that’s no consolation at this point. In addition, I’d really like to stop dreaming about work, especially those six to eight hours when I’m trying to rest up for the next day at the office. The alien invasion/vampire attack/jumping out of a perfectly good airplane dreams are just fine, just no more of the I’m-chained-to-my-desk-while-that-countdown-to-destruction-voice echoes over the intercom (probably Progress related, I’m guessing).

On a happier note, I received my share of tickets (10) for my performance with the Master Thieves on January 8 at the Westcott Theater, one of my favorite places to play. Great line-up of bands for our next jam and I’m excited that Jake from Dark Hollow will be joining my fellow Thieves and I until we find a new bassist. Should be a fantastic outing to say the least.

And those are my musings on this extremely cold, blustery, nasty winter day here at The Evening Sun. I think tonight’s agenda will include a hot dinner, a couple of blankets and a movie or two. Unless, that is, I get sucked into Book 12 of the Wheel of Time series, which I purchased with a $25 gift certificate I received on Christmas. Thanks mom and Steve!