Editor’s Notebook: 12/27/10

Jeff Genung

• I know you await these little daily missives with bated breath, but don’t expect Tolstoy this week. Traditionally, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is pretty sloooow in The Evening Sun’s offices. Not only do you have the post-Yuletide stupor, but you’ve also got miscellaneous vacations, lots of pre-Progress planning and more than a few curiously silent phones.

• No longer silent, of course, are the ES Forums, which went back online today after an all-too-brief hiatus over the weekend. And already, less than eight hours into it, I’ve received three “reports” – i.e. users tattling on other users for some perceived offense. Yeah. You’re seriously making me rethink why we offer this forum on our website at all, folks.

• Coming up next week, to liven things up a bit, we’re starting a seven-part series on natural gas drilling called “Boon or Bust: What Does the Future Hold for Chenango?” A couple weeks ago, my intrepid reporting staff traveled to both Dimock and Montrose, Pa., regarded to be the “ground zero” for natural gas drilling in the region. They talked to a lot of people to get a first-hand account of what Chenango County may or may not look like down the road. I think you’ll be surprised by some of their findings. It’s good work. The series will run on Thursdays, starting Jan. 6.