Visions of sugar plums

Melissa Stagnaro

One of my coworkers commented earlier that I looked a little flushed. Little did they know I was in the middle of a massive sugar rush. For the last couple of days my diet has consists almost entirely of cookies and candy. This week alone, I’ve probably surpassed the per capita sugar consumption of some small nations.

For someone like me – who has basically never met a baked good or a chocolate-covered confection I haven’t liked – this time of year is dangerous. Our office kitchen is stockpiled with platters of homemade Christmas cookies and boxes of chocolates. Or at least it was. My coworkers and I have put a serious dent in it. Okay, so maybe most of it was me.

I was pretty good at the beginning of the week. A cookie or two with my morning coffee. A miniature chocolate after deadline. But by yesterday, I’d abandoned all pretense. Those tasty treats served as breakfast, lunch and more than few snacks throughout the day.

We won’t talk about dinner. We’ve got our own stockpile at home, and I’ve put a sizable dent in that as well.

I’m paying for that overindulgence already. The weight gain hasn’t hit, but if I keep going at this pace it won’t be long. But the exorbitant amount of sugar I’ve consumed is wreaking havoc. I’ve basically been bouncing off the walls since I polished off my “lunch” – which consisted of two chocolate covered caramels, a cherry cordial and some other gooey, nutty chocolate covered gob of goodness.

Needless to say concentrating on my work has become something of a challenge. And my coworkers stopped even trying to comprehend what I’m saying about 20 minutes ago. I talk a mile a minute as it is, now I probably sound like I’ve been stuck on fast forward.

When I used to get “sugared up” as a kid, my mom would tell me to run around the house a few times. I don’t think that will be necessary today though. Because, as they say, what comes up, must come down. Any moment now, I’ll be hitting that wall, where my sugar buzz will turn into a crash. At which point I’ll be wanting to crawl under my desk for nice, long winter’s nap.

Now, where did I put that kerchief…

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