The inside scoop. 12/23

Tyler Murphy

My headlines this week and the inside scoop.

Christmas lights shows have charitable aim

Both Rick Lindner and Rick Crowell are Christmas light enthusiast and they’ve transformed their unusual passions into events benefiting the needy- if only we could all do the same. These guys are technical wizards who spend countless hours obsessing over these displays, often turning the activity into family bonding with their young children, who are eager and excited to help.

The hardest part of these stories is trying to take a good picture of the displays. Bright lights in the dark are about as unfriendly as an environment gets for photography, even more worse than the infamous lighting found in courtrooms or theaters. These arrangements are spectacular in animation and no photograph can really capture an in-person experience. If I could compare it to anything else in the newsroom photography world it would be fireworks. Hard pictures to get and even the best frozen moment of the most glorious explosion fails to convey the show’s over all brilliance.

Take a ride to see them, bring food, people are hungry, some are starving. Enjoy the show and the pleasure of knowing you truly contributed to the real meaning of Christmas.

Toddler rapist sent to prison

The defense attorney told the judge his client lacked mental capacity. No kidding? I’m not sure intelligence is a requirement of morality but when you’ve already signed a confession to such monstrous crimes I guess it’s all you can say. Seriously though the public defender did refer to a psychological evaluation and testing, saying his client’s IQ was five points below Forest Gumps’. (That was not a joke)

I wish I could say this incident was a single individual acting unpredictably but when police where investigating the crime they were led so astray by the victim’s mother they charged her with making false statements. Sad case. I feel bad for the family members and that I had to write the piece on the eve of the holiday.

Delivering Christmas: Meals on Wheels

Ever since I left the Norwich Senior Center I’ve been contemplating becoming a volunteer myself. It’s only once a week and takes a couples hours. I just have to find a way to get work around it. My hat is off to all those people who have found the time across the county to support these programs. This was an editorial and I said what I felt in the article.

Foul play not suspected in Bainbridge death

By his tone of voice I imagine a state police investigator scratching his heading on the other end of the phone when I called him this week.

The story of the death appeared in a competing media outlet in the Binghamton area and before you knew it all the rest of us were doing the same. The real story? This death was unremarkable in the foul play sense. Police find dead bodies all the time and there was nothing different in this instance. Like the investigator said to me, “If we had any thought there was more to this case we would’ve created a media release. I don’t know why there is an interest.” Me either. Hope the coverage didn’t worsen the family’s grief. If it did I’m sorry for my part.

Man arrested after armed confrontation with police

This is an ongoing case but the more I learn about it the more serious it seems. Some extra info not in the article: the female victim was a 15-year-old girl, and there are four total victims I believe, who were held inside the house at gun point. This is a very serious crime and this 19-year-old kid is facing some serious consequences. Expected to read more in the near future.

Outdoor enthusiast turn out in support of Rogers

Today we ran a press release. It was indeed the last hurrah. My heart cries for the loss of the center. Growing up in the rural hills of Oxford and Preston my first love has always been mother nature and her infinite miracles of beauty and life. Or as Albany likes to call it… bla, bla, bla.

I’ve had countless personal experience at Rogers including peaceful soul searching, romantic dates and family barbecues. All met with great success.

I hate to say it but I think this is really just the beginning. I’m pretty sure all this jazz about an ongoing recovery is really just politician’s attempts to urge consumer spending. The reality is 2011 is going to be the worst year for New York public service in over half a century. You think Rogers is bad, just wait until you see the next round of school cuts. They make even last year’s dramatic cuts seem not so bad.

Merry Christmas!! º<:)}

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