Editor’s Notebook: 12/22/10

Jeff Genung

• Who says we don’t print good news? Another photo, on today’s front page no less, of local kids doing great things this holiday season – this time at Holy Family. I wish I’d kept count of how many of those “do-gooder” photos we ran in the last month or so (including our own!). It’s surely a great testament to the giving nature of our community, and I’m happy to help spread the word, really. But if I had a dollar for every time someone complained that we only print the bad stuff … well, I’d fund my own charity.

• If any of my reporters growl at you in the next few weeks, it’s not because they’re hungry (well, on second thought …). Late last week, I gave them their story assignments for Progress Chenango 2011, which will come out the last week in January. All my ES alumni reading this are shivering from the residual memory right now. Anyway, it’s a busy time of year for them, with all that added work plus the pressures of a daily newspaper. Give them a wide berth!

• I know this question has been weighing heavily on your collective minds, but yes, my Christmas shopping is done. Normally I work best under pressure of a deadline (gee, where do I get that from?) and wait until literally the last minute, but this year I actually planned ahead. And cut a few people off the list, but that’s neither here nor there. Are there no workhouses?

• Dear Elemeno, Mac, Justaguy, Sugarshack, Localguy, Abcdefg, Kwhopper23, et al … All I want for Christmas is for you to step away from your keyboards. As such, The Evening Sun online forum and “30 Seconds” will be closed soon for the holiday. Try spending some time with people in the real world!