Editor’s Notebook: 12/20/10

Jeff Genung

• Looks like they had a great turnout for the Winter Living Celebration at Rogers Environmental Education Center in Sherburne yesterday. Sad, that it looks like it may be the last. Despite a tremendous ground swell of support, nothing’s going to stop the center from closing (and its employees losing their jobs) on Dec. 31. But with a new governor in office, who knows what the new year will bring? Hopefully there’s still hope for a reinvented Rogers down the road. For those looking for more pictures of the event, I put ‘em all up on our Facebook page.

• Had a great time with the ES crew (minus Tyler … hmmm) on Saturday morning “Delivering Christmas” down in Greene. Wish we could have done more, really. Always nice to spread a little Christmas cheer. Melissa Stagnaro wrote a great account of the experience for today’s edition – it’s really an amazing operation they pull off down there every year. And it’s great to see such a closeknit community turning out to help their neighboors in need. God bless them, everyone.

• Congratulations to one of my favorite ES alums, Jude Seymour (the fact that he’s a blood relation only makes him even more special, of course). Newzjunky.com let the cat out of the bag today up in Watertown – Jude’s moving from the Daily Times to WWNY News 7, where he’ll continue to blog on all things political, write for the station’s website, and even make on-camera appearances. Always nice to see one of my padawans doing well.