Music to my ears

Brian Golden

In the last week or so I’ve come to truly appreciate the tiny pair of earphones I found while cleaning out the old house on Pratt Road (all in an effort to get Melissa to stop badgering me on my lack of furniture and other belongings in the new apartment). To my surprise, I’ve discovered that it’s actually possible for me to write and type while enjoying some music. In addition, doing so seems to have a calming influence as I continue to fight off that steadily decreasing urge to sneak over to the store for a pack of smokes (after nearly sixteen years I think I’m finally going to be able to kick this nasty habit).

One thing I have discovered, however, is that I can only fire up the tunes when writing certain things, namely blogs and my weekly column. For some odd reason, trying to write-up an actual news story is impossible for me while jamming to some good music. My ability to write creative or personal stories – while challenging in their own way – are not affected thus, and I’m curious as to why that is.

Maybe it’s because these two distinct forms of writing are so (at least to me) inherently different. A straight-ahead newspaper article requires – again, this is only my personal opinion – a tighter focus, which is the reason I avoid my recently-discovered earphones when I’m (at times) frantically trying to make deadline in the morning. In the past week though, I’ve noticed that my blogs (this will be my second) and column really flowed much more smoothly when I threw on some music. Maybe it’s simply due to the fact that, when writing opinion pieces, I’m creating rather than reporting. Seems logical, right?

Which brings me to my point.

I love this job for several reasons, but primarily it’s due to that balance between both styles of writing. While writing actual news stories I have the opportunity to get involved with the general public, meet all kinds of interesting people and learn all manner of things I never would have otherwise. The other, more personal kind of writing, on the other hand, gives me a chance to enjoy my creative side – which appeals to my musical and creative nature. Add to that the fact that I get to work in such a professional atmosphere, surrounded by fellow writers, and it’s no wonder I’ve enjoyed my time here at The Evening Sun so much.