Editor’s Notebook: 12/14/10

Jeff Genung

• Totally forgot to blog yesterday. ‘Tis the season to have one million things on your “To Do” list, I suppose.

• I spent a good part of Sunday night “helping” Santa write hand-written responses to all the kids who wrote in to him in care of The Evening Sun this year. Lots of your typical “I’ve been good” campaigning for presents (seems everyone wants a Pillow Pet this year; I need to Google that), but I (and Santa) always appreciate this kids who tell it like it is. One little boy even admitted to making “poor choices.” Fa-la-la-la-la, kid. Look for all the little darlings’ letters in a special third section in this Friday’s Evening Sun.

• I imagine it’s pretty scary when troopers come to your door to serve a warrant for your arrest. I can’t imagine my response being to pull a 16-gauge shotgun on them, as in our story today. Watch it there, Sundance.

• The county Board of Supervisors bade a fond farewell to retiring Treasurer Bill Evans at their last meeting of the year on Monday. Mr. Evans has served the county diligently (and saved us from being in far greater fiscal distress, I’m sure) for over two decades. He’s also been a good friend to this newspaper (and reporter Melissa deCordova in particular) and a stand-up guy to boot. Happy retirement, Bill!

• I guess I should apologize for printing all those doom and gloom “storm of the century” weather predictions yesterday, as we only got a dusting of the white stuff here in Norwich. Disclaimer: The Evening Sun does not employ a meteorologist (we just buy their stuff.) In fact, when forced to choose a weather graphic for the front page every day, I look out the window around 9 a.m.; that’s about as scientific as we get – and amazingly just as accurate as the “professionals,” it seems.