Editor’s Notebook: 12/10/10

Jeff Genung

• Another day, another computer issue at The Evening Sun. They really do make our lives easier, I know, but when they crash here, they crash hard. Sorry if today’s paper was a little late in some areas – it was unavoidable since we got a late start. An hour and a half late. On Monday, if things aren’t functioning normally, we’re going back to setting type in hot lead.

• Good news for Byrne Dairy, whose plans for a new store on the corner of East Main and Silver are now a go. The current store, next to the fire station, is one of our best sellers of The Evening Sun every day (in fact, loyal Byrne Dairy customers get a deal on Fridays – you can get the paper for a penny!). Not so sure about the need for a laundromat (I’m a loyal Arrow Laundry customer, after all) but the expanded convenience store – and more importantly, gas station – will be a great addition to downtown.

• Looking forward to Sunday’s concert at the Chenango County Council of the Arts – pianist Jim Witter has been here a couple times with his “Piano Men” show, and this weekend he’s bringing “Christmas Memories” to the Martin Kappel Theater stage. After the week I’ve had, I definitely need a little Christmas, right this very minute!