Republocrat compromise

Tyler Murphy

While president Barack Obama continues to try and convince angry democrats resisting his proposed agreement with Republicans, which would extend all the Bush-level era tax cuts and extend unemployment benefits further, I’m wondering what’s the value of compromise?

As I understand it, the Republicans were resisting another extension to the two-year-long-and running-unemployment benefits. A stance I’ve admired and questioned fellow democrats over.

Meanwhile democrats where busy fighting Republicans over extending Bush-era tax cuts. The Republicans want to give them to the rich (those making over $250,000 a year) and the democrats wanted extensions for the poor and middle class only (those making less than $250,000 a year). A stance I’ve admired and jeered Republicans over.

Now in this new compromise everyone seems to get everything. Not good news to a citizen who’s concerned about our government’s ability to become more efficient and practical. Everyone gets a tax break even though were facing mounting debt and everyone gets benefits even though we can’t pay for them. Sounds like a compromise on the wrong ideas. How are the parties going to get through deeps cuts in the next budget?

NY Times article on the subject anyone?