Editor’s Notebook: 11/8/10

Jeff Genung

• Got an e-mail from a woman today who said she’d “heard” we only publish obituaries on Mondays, and that we’d better rethink that policy because it was stupid. How were people expected to know about funerals and calling hours if we only published them once a week? Grrr. First off, if you’re going to fire off an e-mail like that, at least get your facts straight. Of course, we publish obituaries every day, as soon as they come in. What she had probably “heard,” and completely misinterpreted, was that we update obits on the website for nonsubscribers every Monday. If you subscribe, in print or online, you get the “fresh” notices daily. For free, you get ‘em a week behind. Yes, for the one millionth time, other, larger newspapers, with far greater advertising bases, do give away obits for free every day. But as my dear departed mother would have said, if all the other newspapers jumped off a bridge … Seriously folks, it has to pay to subscribe. If we gave away everything for free, then no one would buy it, we’d go out of business, and there’d be no news at all.

• Our Evening Sun news team had quite a productive day down in the Dimock, Pa. area yesterday, and returned in one piece, to boot. You’ll read about their findings in a special natural gas drilling series that will start in next Thursday’s paper. Watch the print edition for more details. I think it will be an eye-opener.

• Letters to Santa continue to pour in before Monday’s deadline … if your child wants to be sure to get on the Naughty or Nice list, send those letters in today to santa@evesun.com, or by US mail, to Santa Claus, c/o The Evening Sun, PO Box 151, Norwich NY 13815. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope, and Santa will write back!