Going back on her word. (The trilogy)

Tyler Murphy

Melissa and Brian are so cool I had to be like them.

Here’s an unthankful twist on topics inspired by a co-worker’s pent up frustrations, though not my own.

1. School board meetings. Any public school administrator or elected board member should prepare themselves for people to loathe them, sometimes no matter what action you take. My dealing with the Unadilla Valley School Board has been very good. Many on the board have long years of school or public work experience and despite the district’s deep budget cuts, the leadership seems to have weathered the economics fairly well. I would say at the very least they are a group that seems generally well informed on the workings of school politics and budgeting. Norwich on the other hand is a tougher hand of cards to play. Since I was in High School at Oxford Academy I can remember pitying the students caught in the Norwich system. Politics, politics, politics. Have to disagree with the crew’s resentment though, from a newspaper point of view there’s always ink for drama and controversy.

2. Bullies. I remember bullies and may have been one for a time. People really need to let kids fend for themselves sometimes. This obsession with bullying and the drastic movements to protect kids at all cost is stripping the independent development of self asserted social skills. You need to grow into an identity you aren’t afraid to stand up for because life is tough. There will always be people trying to intimidate you, in school, work, life, even among relatives. There’s a difference in a school fist fights and a criminal assault, a difference between child antics and harassment. Children are developing and sometimes they can be cruel to another, however along the way there are opportunities for development. It’s painful, I know.

3. Only 340 something people voted in a school referendum! I’m so shocked by the lack of voter turn out! … No, not even a little bit serious. Though the district’s leaders should understand the lack of cast ballots probably doesn’t echo a lack of public interest. Remarkable how people seem to care enough about a thing to offer you their opinion about it but not enough to actually contribute to a decision on the issue. It’s the American way.

4. 30 seconds. I want names, people.

5. Braggarts. Had lunch today (Nov. 24) with three friends. Two have half work days on Wednesday then they have Thursday and Friday off. The other had just had Thursday through Monday off. I have Thursday off. Good for you….grrr.

6. Sudden interest in Melissa’s eating habits? She eats a lot of weird things. I didn’t notice the tuna-lemon I guess.

7. KP Duty. I have a fool-proof system. Wash your dishes and leave the rest, kill those who allow them to linger for more than 24 hours.

8. Whiners. Love to do it, but hate to hear it. Wha.

Happy Thanksgiving folks.