Editor’s Notebook: 11/24/10

Jeff Genung

• Since we’re taking tomorrow off for Thanksgiving, Thursday’s paper was created entirely today – along with most of Wednesday’s, and part of Friday’s. At this point, I have no idea what day it is. But I’ve been a page-making fool today.

• We have a long-standing tradition here in the newsroom of calling the holiday paper (the one we do the day before, and label it for the next day) the “psychic newspaper.” Here’s what we’re pretty sure is going to happen tomorrow … and you can read it today! But for the past couple years, we’ve made good use of the front page of our Thanksgiving Day edition to highlight a select group (OK, whoever the reporters could con into doing it) of Chenango citizens, asking them what they’re thankful for. Some of the answers are predictable; others will surprise you. Either way, I hope you’ll take time tomorrow to ask yourself the same question. I know I will.

• The centerpiece of Thursday’s paper is actually our Sports section. Pat Newell does a fantastic job with his annual Evening Sun Football All-Stars. Check it out.

• Also in light of the impending holiday, “30 Seconds” and the ES Forum are both closed until Friday. See, I told you I needed something to be thankful for …