Going back on my word

Melissa Stagnaro

I know I said yesterday I planned to carry on the theme of thankfulness in my blogs this week. Well – as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character John Matrix famously said – I lied. Today I’m trying a new twist. Here are a few of the things I’m not particularly thankful for this Holiday season.

1. School board meetings. Last night’s Norwich school board meeting reminded me how much I dislike attending these marathon sessions. There are a great deal of positive things happening in the district, but you’d never know it based on the dysfunction exhibited by the board of education. I left, with my blood pressure at an all time high and ridiculous heart burn, thanking my lucky stars I don’t live in the district. The only thing I like less than having to sit through endless board of education meeting? Having to get up early the next day to write about them. And, yes, I’m more than a little cranky about it. You can blame them for getting me all riled up today.

2. Bullies. All of us have encountered people who seek to raise themselves up by putting other people. They are blight on our entire society, but particularly in schools where they do horrible damage to the self respect and self esteem of impressionable kids. Last night at the school board meeting a particularly courageous teen had the guts to stand up and voice his concerns about bullying at Norwich High School. I give him every credit in the world for doing so, and I sincerely hope school leaders will address this incredibly serious issue. (By the way, if anyone knows this young man or his family, please encourage him to contact me. I am definitely interested in hearing more of his story.)

3. The people of Oxford school district who didn’t bother to vote in last week’s capital project referendum. Considering only 340-odd people turned out on Thursday, that’s the majority of the district’s residents. I’m sure a sampling had legitimate excuses, but it’s disappointing none the less. I guess it’s a lot easier to moan and complain about something than to take action, and easier still to let other people make the tough decisions for you. (Yes, I’ve been holding that in since last week.)

4. 30 seconds. Enough said.

5. Braggarts. I’m happy that you’ve got the rest of this week off, I really am. Now shut up about it. Because the rest of us still have to work.

6. My coworkers sudden interest in my eating habits. Seriously people, what’s wrong with lemon pepper tuna? And no, Jeff, it does NOT smell like urine.

7. KP Duty. I’m not sure how I got designated as the office maid. But it’s getting old. If you managed to carry your dirty, stained mug all the way to the sink from your cluttered cubicle, I’m sure you could have managed to transport it the extra 12 1/2 inches to the dishwasher.

8. Whiners. Yes, that would be me today. I hope you can forgive me for all of my bitter diatribe. But, wow, it feels better to get all of that off my chest.

Now, I promise, I’ll go back to being thankful.

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