Going back on her word (my take)

Brian Golden

I had every intention to write my first blog of the week on my absolutely fantastic experience in the studio over the weekend. However, Melissa Stagnaro’s I-guess-I-don’t-have-to-be-thankful-all-the-time post really caught my attention. For anyone interested, here’s my take.

1. School Board Meetings. While I certainly haven’t suffered nearly as much as my coworker from the other side of the cubicle, I can totally relate. I was even kind enough to attend a school board meeting (at the particular school Melissa is writing of no less) in her stead once, and I wholeheartedly agree with her assessment. I left that meeting with a queasy stomach, a terrible headache and some not-so-kind thoughts rolling about in my head. I truly feel her pain and her ability to woman-up (and continue to diligently suffer through board meeting after board meeting) is a testament to her resolve and commitment to journalistic excellence.

2. Bullies. I can’t stand bullies. As a high school victim of bullying I have extremely strong feelings on this issue, one which is casually shrugged off most of the time by students, teachers and administration far too often. Parents, if you even suspect that your child is being mistreated at school I urge you to contact a school official and have a serious sit-down with your son or daughter. If you’re the parent of a bully, well, I don’t really have any advice for you, as it’s probably your fault to begin with. People need to quit blaming this problem on violent television programs, video games and motion pictures. Learning to be a good person (and a respectful one) starts at home.

3. The people of Oxford school district who didn’t bother to vote in last week’s capital project referendum. I can’t say much here due to the fact that I’m a born-and-raised Norwichian. However, this immediately brings to mind last week’s Common Council meeting and open forum on the 2011 budget, which was pretty much ignored by city residents. I’m sure there will be all manner of complaints tossed about down the road and all I can think is – you had your shot. Far too many people sitting around complaining when they could be up and at it and actually accomplishing something.

4. 30 Seconds. Ditto, Melissa. No argument here.

5. Braggarts. Once again, I’m with you.

6. My coworkers sudden interest in my eating habits. I don’t know what to tell you Melissa, and while I didn’t really think your lemon pepper tuna smelled like urine, it was definitely quite pungent.

7. KP Duty. I’m going to go out on a limb here and remind my cupcake-loving, chocolate addict coworker that I’m always willing to help out in the kitchen. However, in my defense, I use only one cup while in the office, which I keep cleansed on my own. Anytime the dishwasher needs filling (or emptying) I’ll be glad to help out.

8. Whiners. While I’m glad you’re feeling better now, I wouldn’t necessarily call this whining Melissa, you were simply venting (another word for whining minus the high-pitched whiny voice). It’s completely healthy and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it helped some.