Editor’s Notebook: 11/16/10

Jeff Genung

• So I had to get all teacher-y and punish the whole class for the actions of a few unruly students today. I’m talking about the ES Forum on our website, which I made read-only this afternoon. Overnight, I’d received no less than 10 reports (users turning in other users for perceived violations of our conduct code) on a single topic! I’d considered first just suspending the account of the biggest offender, nickstellino (not his real name, of course, and he’ll just make up another one like he has before), the biggest “troll” du jour, but he/she wasn’t the only guilty party, so I closed down the whole thing. At least temporarily. I have enough real-world issues to deal with during the course of the day without having to constantly cyber-babysit the same handful of computer-bound miscreants. I’m guessing that many ES Forum users haven’t read our Code of Conduct, or haven’t in so long that they’ve clearly forgotten the simple rules of behavior, so here it is again:

The Evening Sun Forum User Policy

Be Civil

Treat other members with respect. Flaming or name calling will not be tolerated.

Stay on Topic

If you feel a topic is creating a new discussion, start a new topic on it. Any thread that continuously veers off topic will be locked.

Keep it Family Friendly

That means no #$%! swearing. Topics should remain PG rated. News is news, we know what goes on, we live here too. But we don’t need ALL the details, really. We’re serious.

No Multi-Forum Posts

We read them all, there’s no need to post your message in more than one.

Don’t Post Spam/Chain Letter Emails as Topics

You know those emails that your sister’s uncle’s cousin insists on forwarding to half the world? Chances are it’s less reliable than wikipedia, and it’s already in our junk mail folder. Save us the trouble of deleting them here too.

No Commercial Advertising

Do not use your avatar or signature to advertise your business or commercial website. The Evening Sun offers many advertising opportunities on our website, free plugs on the forum is not one of them. Links to personal websites and local blogs are completely acceptable, even encouraged, provided the content is appropriate.

You’re Responsible for What You Say

Being as this is a local forum, this goes twice for you. We have a zero tolerance policy for accusations and mudslinging. Posts attacking local figureheads, citizens or organizations are completely unacceptable and will be dealt with as such.

Me, Me, Me… Me Too

We realize that an opinion always sounds better when someone else backs it up. Some individuals may even be so inclined to register a second account to agree with themselves. Sad, but true. Creation of multiple accounts by a single user will result in all related accounts being banned. This includes creating ghostnics after your account has been banned.

We’re not the Better Business Bureau

This isn’t the place to register a complaint for a local business. If you feel the need to take action because your coffee was too hot, please do it elsewhere. Rave reviews, however, are encouraged. We know, life isn’t fair.

Respect People’s Privacy

Due to the nature of this being a local forum, posters may not want to identify themselves personally. While you may have suspicions about a user’s identity or even be certain, you may absolutely not “out” or even hint at another user’s identity. This is a ban-able offense.

You’re Not Anonymous

While the internet certainly affords a great deal of anonymity, you are by no means completely anonymous. With each post your unique, trackable IP address is logged, this is a standard practice on major websites.

This public forum is provided by The Evening Sun. The opinions expressed are solely those of the poster and not that of The Evening Sun, its employees or publisher. The Evening Sun reserves the right to remove any post, at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion.