Editor’s Notebook: 11/15/10

Jeff Genung

• Had a great time Saturday night at the Arts Council’s “International Bazaar” fundraiser. Always nice to hobnob with the pretty people. Kudos to Sue Ryan at the Canasawacta Country Club, too – what an amazing array of international cuisine. Good time was had by all.

• A little commotion in the office this morning when a tipster called Melissa deCordova to tell her about a gas well “explosion” in Sherburne. We dispatched Tyler Murphy to the scene immediately, but it turned out to be somewhat of a false alarm. There was fire, but it wasn’t an explosion – seems a burnoff is part of the normal process, and you’ll read more about it in tomorrow’s paper. Looks like we’d better get used to that sort of thing, folks.

• Part I of Mary Musson’s week-long series, “Come to Italy with Me,” appears on today’s Community page. The first installment was great, and it only gets better from here. When she first told me about her concept of “immersion travel,” my reaction was, “Pass. Show me the touristy stuff.” Hearing her descriptions of her small-town adventures unfold across this five-part series has certainly changed my tune on that one.

• Congratulations to Merle Matts of Rt. 66 Band on his upcoming retirement, and to Ed Sidote, for a special Finger Lakes Trail dedication. I love it when we can use the front page to honor locals who have made such enduring contributions to the fabric of our community.

• Of course we also used it to tell you about a bunch of counterfeit money that circulated (or tried to) in downtown Norwich over the weekend. Dude, the Feds are in town. Secret Service even!