Editor’s Notebook: 11/12/10

Jeff Genung

Oh, Fridays, you’re killing me … when is it summer vacation again?

• My column today is all about a five-day series we’re starting on Monday called “Come With Me To Italy,” written by Norwich’s own Mary Musson. She wrote a similar series for us about four years ago, to great acclaim. I really think you’re going to enjoy it. As someone who, at this point, seems unlikely to ever leave the United States, I am incredibly envious of her journeys. Look for the stories on the Community page all next week.

• Tyler’s story today was a tribute to Norwich icon Jeremy Stopford, he of the chalk-stick and dog-net fame. Jeremy’s clocked in nearly three decades with the Norwich City Police, and the community is celebrating his career at a retirement luncheon tomorrow. Jeremy’s always been a fan of the newspaper, and us of him. We appreciate your service (if not the occasional parking ticket), Jeremy. And I assure you Bailey is properly licensed!

• Headed to the Chenango County Council of the Arts’ “International Bazaar” fundraising gala tomorrow night at the Country Club. Looking forward to a great night of music, fun and Sue’s culinary delights. And all for a good cause, to boot.

• I’ve been The Evening Sun’s sports editor for the past two days, as Pat Newell took a couple off. As always, my only goal in doing so is to hope that no one notices. The Associated Press makes it pretty paint-by-numbers easy, but those “Standings” boxes (we call it “agate” in the biz) will be the death of me. Glad to have him back on Monday!