Editor’s Notebook: 11/9/10

Jeff Genung

• Had a great meeting with Norwich’s Mary Musson yesterday. A couple years back, Mary wrote a well-received series for us on her trip to Italy. She’s back at it again, and we’ll soon be publishing another five-part series on her adventures in her ancestral home of Molfetta, in a region of southern Italy called Puglia. Mary’s an interesting writer, and I look forward to sharing her observations on Italian culture, and what she calls “immersion travel,” next week.

• Tyler Murphy’s story today was about a truck accident which knocked out some utility lines in the city this morning. According to his story, the tractor-trailer’s “two automated arms accidentally extended several feet above the moving vehicle,” knocking out the wires. Sounds to me like the work of the Decepticons. Robots in disguise!

• Leslie Linfante, a teacher at Holy Family School in Norwich, assigned her students to write terrifying tales for our “Ghastly Ghost Stories” contest recently. She took it a step further, and compiled a little book of their writings. Today, HF hosted a “Meet the Authors” reception, which Melissa Stagnaro attended (and will no doubt write about in greater detail). “The students thoroughly enjoyed their experience, and the improvement in their writing as a result of their involvement was dramatic,” Leslie wrote to us in an e-mail earlier this week. Glad we could help. And glad we have teachers like you.

• Strange E-Mail of the Day: From one Jyll Lorrin, who tells me I have a “fantastic profile” …

How are you? I looked at your picture and im seriously wanting to know more about you is it possible? About me if you want to know i just like honest people and i am a very loving girl  if youy want my picture or facebook id so we can start knowing each other please writre me back at  just write me back at  cinthiassnd2@hotmail.com.

Sorry, Jyll, taken. But I like honest people too!