Editor’s Notebook: 11/8/10

Jeff Genung

Frankly, I’d much rather have it light when I get out of work rather than when I’m going in, but that’s just me …

• Seems like we’re seeing a lot of stories lately about people stealing from their employers – and getting caught. Tyler wrote about a former Bainbridge business manager today. Must be a sign of the economic times, I suppose. Hard to get away with stealing from The Evening Sun, since they don’t allow me to handle anything to do with money. Good thing, too, if you could see my checkbook.

• So yeah, I’m the one who messed up in Friday’s paper, putting a “Thumbs Down” symbol on what should have been a “Thumbs Up.” Sorry about that, Diane. Hopefully people can read.

• Congratulations to the Greene girl’s field hockey team, who won their fifth straight Section IV title Saturday night – and also, I see from Pat’s story today, their 36th win in a row. Impressive.

• I was surprised to see in Melissa deCordova’s county budget story today that a Board of Supervisors committee even broached the topic of eliminating, or consolidating if you prefer, the county’s highway department. I’d often thought it might work the other way around, that towns would dissolve their departments into a centralized county one. Either way, it would be nice to see consolidation happen somewhere. I loved her quote by Greene Supervisor Jack Cook: “It won’t happen.” Probably not. And with attitudes like that (and he’s by no means alone) in local government, it definitely won’t.

• Check out our Facebook page today for some of the submissions from our Veterans’ Day “Our Heroes” campaign. You’ll get to see them (and others) in print on Thursday, but you can leave your own messages of congratulations online. And a special thank you from yours truly to all of Chenango’s sons and daughters who have, and continue to serve our great nation.