Editor’s Notebook: 11/5/10

Jeff Genung

• So I’m just going to start off today’s blog to bitch about how I haven’t had to work on a Friday since the beginning of June … until today. This working five days a week thing is slavery, I tell you.

• Thanks to Colleen Law-Tefft for allowing me to get a sneak peek at “Merriment, Mayhem and Misinterpretation” at Sherburne-Earvlille Wednesday night. The evening of one-act plays is being staged tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m. You can read my review here. It’s a great show, especially if you have a short attention span like me.

• Oxford had a public info session last night on its latest batch of proposed school improvements. I spent some time this week perusing the floor plans of the Oxford Middle School that were published in this month’s Blackhawk Bulletin. Funny how I recall some of that space – especially on the basement and second floor levels being “undesignated” (i.e. empty) when I was in school in the 80s – and they had a higher enrollment. Guess those new-fangled computers take up a lot of room.

• In another public hearing, the Town of Norwich had one for their 2011 budget – and no one showed up. Except of course, Tyler Murphy. Good boy.

• Congratulations to Tops, for cutting the ribbon on their “new” old store in downtown Norwich on Thursday. Everything old is new again, but I’ve got to say that Tops 2.0 looks a lot better than it did the first time around, and certainly an improvement over P&C. Here’s wishing them much success in their second go-around in Norwich.