Editor’s Notebook: 11/4/10

Jeff Genung

Rain, rain go away …

• Congratulations to Norwich attorney Diane DiStefano, who was selected by lottery to run in this weekend’s New York City Marathon. Good thing they didn’t select me; I can barely run to the refrigerator during commercials.

• Went to see the S-E Drama Club’s collection of one-act plays last night (you can read my full review in Friday’s paper). But before that, my friend and I had a nice dinner at the D&D Diner. Hadn’t been there in years. Good food, service and a friendly atmosphere. As I said last night, very Sherburne-ish.

• While I was there, Brian was up in Otselic watching them perform “12 Angry Jurors.” Apparently the former “Men” have gone for equal opportunity anger. He said it was a good show, too. You can read the preview here.

• Remember all those 1950s sci-fi horror flicks with monsters that were insects or other common animals mutated by radiation? That’s what I think about every time I hear the screeching in downtown Norwich. And I hear it a lot. The tortured, otherworldly cries are part of the city’s crow abatement program. What, Warren wasn’t scary enough? In tomorrow’s Thumbs column, Tyler and Melissa take opposing viewpoints on the matter.