Editor’s Notebook: 11/1/10

Jeff Genung

Welcome, November …

• What a great weekend in Norwich! I went down to Pumpkin Fest on Saturday to shoot some video of the Halloween Parade for Facebook expecting the usual deluge. Up until this weekend, I was convinced that God hated the Pumpkin Festival in some kind of Sodom & Gomorra way … but apparently He’s relented. Not a cloud in the sky for this weekend’s parade, and a nice day, mostly. I asked festival director Pegi LoPresti if she had to sell her soul to get a halfway decent day for a change, but she demurred, insisting only that it was about time they got a break. I agree.

• Speaking of the Pumpkin Festival, Frank Speziale took far more photos than I could ever hope to print this weekend, as per his custom. There’s a smattering in today’s print edition, and some more tomorrow, but you can find them all in our Facebook photo galleries. I totally dig the guy in the MechaGodzilla costume. Or was it a Transformer? Either way, dude’s got skills.

• Things turned a little more blustery on Sunday, just in time to drop a few inches of snow on the intrepid trick or treaters. Poor kids. I always hated having to wear a heavy winter coat over (or under) my costume. Totally killed the aesthetic. Again, though, I have to raise my yearly pet peeve regarding the annual candy extortion game. Part of this custom, kiddies, and I dare say the most important part, is that you have to actually SAY “Trick or Treat.” Seriously. If I had one more kid come to my door last night and just present an open bag and not utter a word …

• There’s a list of polling places and a rundown of local races in today’s paper. I’d say “get out and vote,” but at this point if you don’t know how to vote, don’t know where to vote, or don’t even know who’s running, it’s a lost cause. But if you do know (and one out of three ain’t bad), please get off your duff tomorrow anywhere from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and do it!