Editor’s Notebook: 10/28/10

Jeff Genung

Something wicked this way comes …

• Tomorrow is my last Friday off. Sad as it may be, it seems my “summer vacation” has finally come to an end. Since I currently don’t have a fully-functional second in command (they rule by committee each Friday), I decided back in May that the easiest way to use up my generous amount of Evening Sun vacation time was to use it one day at a time. Of course, I still end up coming in on Sundays to make up for what doesn’t get done in my absence, but at least I get to sleep in on Friday mornings. Next week, back to the proverbial grind – working five days a week like the rest of you proletarians.

• Actually I did a good chunk of Friday’s front page today – I was pretty excited about presenting our annual Evening Sun “Ghost Hunting” feature. Each member of my staff relays their experiences in tomorrow’s paper, and I dare say it’s a good read. I’d like to add a special thanks to Steve and Sherry Behe of Oxford. Even though we didn’t encounter anything paranormal at the Behe Funeral Home (drat!), they were incredibly gracious in accommodating us and Steve, especially, in giving me a good lesson in my own family’s history. Read more about that tomorrow.

• Does downtown Norwich really need another pizzeria? Apparently, like dollar stores, the market here will bear it. Congratulations to Henry Koelle on the opening of Trotta’s Apizza. From what Brian Golden tells me, the budding restaurateur really cleaned up the joint, and makes one heck of a good pie, to boot. Always nice to see new businesses coming to the area – that’s why we always try to give them great coverage. Welcome aboard.

• Someone called ‘30 Seconds’ today (the old-fashioned phone line) to ask us to hold her subscription while she went on vacation. While we are a small operation, ma’am, the circulation department does not monitor “30 Seconds.” Nor do I deliver newspapers. Well, actually I have on occasion, but I try not to. My bike is in the shop. Seriously though, and again, “30 Seconds” is not the catch-all for every problem, question or request in the known universe. You can just as easily call our main number, 334-3276, and speak to a real live person. Or Jan.