Editor’s Notebook: 10/21/10

Jeff Genung

Thursday’s my Friday, at least for two more weeks ….

• Looks like our Ghastly Ghost Stories contest was a bloodbath … and I mean that in a good way! We got tons of entries from around the county today, and thankfully only a few with the dreaded “Bloody Mary” (not the vodka & tabasco kind) theme. You’ll get to read them all online before Halloween, and we’ll publish the winners and “best of” in our special Pumpkin Vine section next Thursday.

• How did that end up on the front page?! That’s a question I get a lot (sometimes because they’re thrilled, but more often because they’re pissed off) from readers. Truth be told? We’re a small newspaper with a small staff … pretty much everything winds up on the front page! Well, everything that the reporters write, anyway. “Splashed all over the front page” is one of my favorite journalism pejoratives, right up there with “the press is having a field day.”

• We never have field days. I don’t even know what a field day is, but it sounds a lot more fun than office day.

• Scratch that, we are having a field … err … night. Friday night is our annual ghost hunting trip. We’ve rounded up a couple of our psychic friends to accompany us on a ghost-busting trip to Oxford tomorrow night. You’ll get to read all about our Scooby Gang adventures in next Friday’s Evening Sun. If we survive! (Cue evil laughter).

• My old friend Tom Rasely, aka The Raze, has a new CD out. Brian Golden did a story in today’s paper. (On the front page!!) I always enjoy his work. Tom’s, not Brian’s.

• Around 3 o’clock this afternoon, the office scanner perked up with a call about an employee at a local dollar store who had shown up intoxicated for work. Police were dispatched not because the employer was mad, but because he/she was afraid said employee would get killed if they tried to walk home in that state. Buddy, I feel for ya.