Editor’s Notebook: 10/19/10

Jeff Genung

As Tuesdays go, this was a Monday.

• My trackball died. Not front page news, I know, but it totally shattered my world today. For the non-tecchies in the group, a trackball is a computer input device – like a mouse, only upside down, sorta. Anyway, I’ve used one for years at the newspaper, and since I sit in front of a computer all day dragging and clicking, it has saved me from carpal tunnel syndrome. Saved my tennis career too, if I were to play tennis. Anyway, mine finally gave up the ghost, and was replaced today by a shiny new one. It’s sleeker and prettier and does a few more tricks, but it has a slightly different feel – slight enough to throw off my entire game. I feel like Liberace being forced to suddenly switch grands during a concert.

• I don’t feel like Liberace at all, really. Ever.

• I ran out of time yesterday and forgot to give a shoutout to the Chenango County Fire Police Association, whose annual banquet I attended at Fred’s Inn on Saturday. All I did was take a picture and eat a free buffet, really, but they made a big deal out of the fact that I showed up. Sometimes that’s half the battle. Anyway, a great group of people who do an awful lot for the community – you’d be surprised how many larger local events depend on their volunteer services to direct traffic and ensure the safety of pedestrians. Not to mention, even, the more hazardous and vital function they perform at fires and accident scenes. Job well done to this largely unsung group of heroes.

• Someone asked on ‘30 Seconds’ today if the phrase “WWJD?” used on our website would mean “What Would Jeff Do?” And the answer is – yes.

• We re-ran the business feature on Karolyn’s Krossroads restaurant in today’s edition. The version that ran in Friday’s paper in my absence had a rather embarrassing “continuation” error – omitting some key sentences when jumping from on page to another. Sometimes, the best you can do is really to run the whole thing all over again, which is what I decided to do today. Hope that makes it better, Karolyn! Our apologies.

• Tyler Murphy’s off tonight to Taylor’s Country House to speak to the Norwich Lions Club about newspapering. Either that, or he’s going for Butch’s wings, I’m not sure.

• Thursday is the DEADline for our annual Ghastly Ghost Stories contest! Entries are piling up like corpses in a slasher flick. Have you sent in yours? Read the gory details here.