Editor’s Notebook: 10/18/10

Jeff Genung

• The key to blogging every day, I’ve learned, is remembering to blog every day. Off to a kind of a rough start for the week folks, and I darn plum forgot. Sorry. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

• Actually, that’s not true. I didn’t forget to blog today, I was simply too distraught this afternoon after having learned of the weekend death of Barbara Billingsley, of June “Leave it to Beaver” Cleaver fame. Anyone who knew me at SUNY Oswego in the late 80s knew of my strange fascination with the 50s sitcom, which aired every day after lunch on WTBS. Unplugged as I was over the weekend, I didn’t learn of Miss Billingsley’s demise until this morning, and I dare say I clutched my pearls. You can have your Roseannes, your Peg Bundys, your Marge Simpsons. Even your Carol Bradys. For me, there is only one quintessential TV mom, and that was June Cleaver. Much like my own, she was everything a mom should be. Rest in peace, both of you.