Melissa Stagnaro

TFGIFF: Thank freaking goodness it’s finally Friday. And – even better – we only have to suffer two more of these Fridays without our fearless leader. Then the poor dear will have to resume working his regular schedule. Which is basically 24-7.

- Weather like this always makes me cranky and out of sorts. (Yes, Tyler, even more than normal.) But today I wasn’t the only one who was a big cranky pants. In this instance, however, it was completely justified. The coworker in question, who will remain nameless for the time being, was scrambling to get details for a piece in today’s paper. Details he’d been trying to get from the contact person for several days with no luck. In the end it took an email to someone over their head to get them to finally return a call. Which came just a few minutes before deadline. You can guarantee we won’t be jumping through any hoops to cover one of their events again. Because, as Jeff likes to say, The Evening Sun helps those who help themselves.

- In Jeff’s absence, one of my responsibilities is to approve posts to the online version of 30 seconds. Most people love to hate our reader reaction line. On days like today, I just hate it. We’re a week away from the full moon, but you wouldn’t know it judging by what I’ve seen today. All the crazies were out. And I for one have had my fill of the gay-bashing milk-haters out there. It makes me want to scream, “Get a Life!” Which, come to think of it, is probably why Jeff doesn’t allow me to type in snarky little responses. Today I have definitely been tempted. Particularly by the person who keeps asking about trick-or-treat times. Halloween is 2 weeks away. Relax.

- T. murph, as I like to call our dinosaur-loving crime reporter, has been swinging by Dunkin Donuts on Fridays these last few weeks. Which always means a Boston Cream doughnut for me. (Hooray!) This morning, he brought us all coffee as well. Which made me realize how truly awful the swill we drink every morning actually is.

- Coughs are still echoing through the newsroom from the last bout of sickness, but it looks like the creeping crud is threatening to make a second run. Regrettably it looks like yours truly may, once again, have the honor of being patient zero. It doesn’t help that my entire family has been sick this last week. And I fear my efforts to barricade myself upstairs, heavily armed with disinfectant and hand sanitizer, may have been for naught. This time, I doubt my coworkers will buy the “allergies” excuse.

- Proving there’s no rest for the wicked, most of us will be putting in hours this weekend. When I leave the office tonight, it will be to head to Greene for a Business After Hours sponsored by the Greater Greene Chamber of Commerce. Brian will be spending part of tomorrow at the Boy Scout’s 100 year celebration. Pat and Frank will be making their usual rounds of local sporting events and the like. And despite his best efforts to have a three day weekend, Jeff will be burning the midnight oil as well.

And we’ll be back on Monday. Same bat time, same bat place.

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