Editor’s Notebook: 10/14/10

Jeff Genung

Another dreary afternoon here in Norwich, but at least I’ve got St. Bart’s spaghetti supper to look forward to later!

• The Chenango County Health Department reports that a raccoon found on Wells Road in Norwich tested positive for rabies. That’s pretty serious stuff; watch out. I’m sorry if the stock photo of the raccoon I used on the front page made it seem any less serious; I assure you that is not the raccoon in question. But check out the full version on the website if you really want a laugh … he’s got a scary little paw and he’s not afraid to use it!

• So the Town of Sidney has chosen not to disrupt the Muslim graves after all. Good choice. We all know what happens when you disrupt a graveyard – and you can’t even call in Zelda Rubinstein anymore. Because, well, she’s dead and all.

• I’m all for planning ahead. Whenever anyone asks me how far in advance they should send in a press release or a notice of an upcoming event, I always say “the sooner the better.” Requests for space in the newspaper fill up quickly, and I do my best to make sure everything gets published in a timely manner. But I suppose I should qualify that statement. Today we received an e-mail from a PR wag announcing a fundraiser … in April 2011! Nobody around here plans that far in advance, hon. A couple weeks in advance will do just fine.

• I’m continually amazed at some people’s perception that “30 Seconds” is the modern-day Oracle at Delphi. Sure, it’s a great place to vent your frustrations and air your views about politics, scooters, welfare and, this week, milk. But those who submit questions apparently hoping for legitimate answers make me scratch my head. Have you never read this column before? All you’re going to get are snarky answers and snide remarks. I’m afraid we’ve created a veritable monster here in that for some people, submitting a ‘30 Seconds’ is their first recourse, rather than last. If you have a question, go directly to the source first!

• And with that, dear readers, I am outta here. Two more Fridays after this, and my “summer vacation” is officially over. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.