Editor’s Notebook: 10/12/10

Jeff Genung

Here’s what’s on my mind in the Ivory Tower today …

• Spotted: Mayor Joseph Maiurano tying cornstalks and bows to the lamposts in downtown Norwich to decorate for the season. And his little dog, too. Nice job, Joe. Doesn’t get more small town than that!

• So weren’t those some amazing fall scenery shots Frank Speziale took for today’s Photo Finish? He’s made a yearly trek out into the hinterlands each fall since we started printing in glorious color, and even though he kvetched about this being a bad year for foliage, the pictures say otherwise. In case you missed it, those pictures (and more) are in a gallery on The Evening Sun’s Facebook page.

• Speaking of Facebook, I became a fan of The Norwich Crow recently. I’m not sure why, because I hate the darn things – but whoever put this little tribute together has a good sense of humor. And a plethora of crow puns.

• Two stolen cars, a drunken rollover, purloined handgun, pilfered porn and doughnuts on a lawn. I just love Chenango County criminals. And this was all one guy! You’d think they were giving out a scholarship for Most Well-Rounded Miscreant.