Tuesday morning

Driving in a convertible with the top down, I sped along a mountainside highway. It was one of those four-lane constructs and the portion of the road going in the opposite direction was disconnected and ran parallel at a lower elevation. I was driving high up in the mountains and the view contained nothing but white emptiness.

Coming around a wide bend in the road, which curved upwards around the mountain top at a slant, I saw that the approaching segment of road was covered in a thickly packed coating of snow. Traveling at 60 miles per hour, I duly noted I was going way too fast.

Upon hitting the snow, I immediately lost control of the car. The vehicle began careening off the road at a frightening speed. Exiting the elevated highway, the car completely bypassed the lower portion of the road, sailing through the air while the wheels spun ineptly, gaining traction on nothing but the breeze. The left front potion of the car slammed into the snow encrusted mountain, well beyond the highway and just a few short feet away from the cliff’s edge. But the car kept going, sliding right off the edge of the cliff, before I managed to do anything other than unfasten my seat belt.

Exiting the car via the open roof, I fell through the crisp mountain air knowing full well it was the end. Resigned to my fate I calmly closed my eyes and felt the wind whip through my hair. But after a few brief moments in free fall, I changed my mind and willed them open, determined to witness the arrival of my fate.

Suddenly, a barren rock protrusion extending about three feet out of the cliff side, came hurtling at me out of the milky expanse. I stuck my arms out in front of me with my palms facing down to meet my demise. My descent inexplicably slowed and while I did converge with the barren black rock to the sound of my cracking wrists, I remained conscious, and oddly alive.

I pressed my body against the jutting rock shelf, suddenly terrified of the height. Opaque nothingness hung below me, looming ominously and promising to devour my very soul. Shifting, I tried to shimmy over to a wider section of the overhang, and instantaneously lost my adhesion to the rock. Sliding off of the rock protrusion, I flailed around in a panic, gaining a hold on the rock at the last possible moment. My shattered wrists roared in pain, while the lower half of my body hung off the protrusion, my feet dangling uselessly below. Gasping from a pain tempered only by iron will and animalistic fear, I lunged forward with my free arm, desperately probing the rock with my fingers for another handhold. My digits slipped into an empty crevice and a swell of relief filled me with such magnitude it practically lifted me up away from the edge all by itself. Dragging my feet out of the void, I hauled the rest of my body onto the relative safety of the overhang, pressing my back against the precipice earnestly trying in vain to meld my body into the rock.

I fumbled with leaden fingers numbed from the cold and hampered by broken wrists to bring my phone out of my pocket. Somehow I managed to do so and I hurriedly began endeavoring to bring the device to bear. The fight seemed to be an unending one as the phone refused to respond to my simple desire to dial 911.

Just as my frustration threatened to overwhelm and suffocate me, I awoke. I was so relieved, I hardly even noticed the puddle of sweat I was lying in, drenching my sheets and bedding.

That was how I began my Tuesday morning, how about you?