Editor's Notebook: 2/28/13

Jeff Genung

• February certainly went out with a bang. We broke the news online this afternoon that the body found in Pharsalia Tuesday has been confirmed to be that of Jennifer Ramsaran, the New Berlin wife and mother who’s been missing since Dec. 11. Simultaneous posts to our Twitter and Facebook accounts linking to the news alert temporarily slowed response time on our website after the news broke – I don’t have the exact number yet, but we haven’t seen that amount of traffic in a long time. There’s certainly a lot of interest in this case – all we can do now is hope that the next few days bring us some answers to what fate befell Mrs. Ramsaran. RIP.

• Hardened news editor that I am, I’m still taken aback when a tragedy like this strikes our little community – because, thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often. I can count on two hands the number of murders we’ve covered in the last two decades, but each time it stings just as bad as the first. Things like that just don’t happen here, we tell ourselves, until they do. We’re sheltered here, but not immune.