Editor’s Notebook: 10/11/10

Jeff Genung

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two … Columbus didn’t discover America, but let’s all take the day off anyway.

• Only we didn’t take the day off, of course. Despite the grumblings of much of my intrepid Evening Sun staff, the news never sleeps – even when there’s not much of it. While we do get the occasional holiday break (publishing what I like to call the “psychic newspaper” the night before), Columbus Day isn’t one of them. And I can’t say I mind a bit. There’s something to be said of a day in the office when the phone rings only three times and there’s barely a peep, even, on ‘30 Seconds.’ Can’t wait for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

• Frank Speziale covered Coventry’s annual Civil War Commemoration event on Sunday, and we had photos on today’s front page. It’s a neat little event they do every year, honoring someone from the town’s storied past. Can’t say I’ve ever understood the whole Civil War re-enactor thing, but hey, I have a Captain Kirk costume. Who am I to judge?

• Glad to see that those Restore NY homes in the city will soon be occupied. The one on Fair Street is just a few houses down from the Genung Estate, and it’s been done – and empty – for a long time. They look like nice homes, even if flood plain regulations forced them to have front doors that are like 20 feet off the ground.

• Looks like it might be an interesting meeting for the Chenango Board of Supervisors tomorrow – more gas drilling drama. Stay tuned for that one.

• And last but not least, we’ll have a photo in tomorrow’s paper of the celebrated “Meatball Committee” of St. Bartholomew’s Spaghetti Supper fame. That annual delight takes place Wednesday and Thursday. Think I could talk my way in for free if I wrote a good review?