Captain’s Log, Stardate 100810

Melissa Stagnaro

When Jeff Genung first started penning his daily Editor’s Notebook a couple of weeks ago, I offered to continue the effort on Fridays in his absence. Or maybe offer isn’t the right word. Perhaps threatened would be more precise. He laughed it off, of course, making a comment in one of his blog entries about “pretenders to the throne.”

Well, here I am, sitting in the big chair while he’s off doing whatever people do when they have a three day weekend. (What that is, exactly, I wouldn’t know.)

I’m not the only one who has sat in this chair today. It actually takes three of us to do Jeff’s job for a day.

It’s been this way since the start of summer, when our esteemed leader announced he would be chipping away at his cache of vacation days one Friday at a time. Last week, he announced he’d be continuing this trend through the end of October.

I found out the way everyone else did: in the Editor’s Notebook. I was crushed. Not because of the extra workload, but because we miss Jeff on the Fridays he’s not here. And I’d so been looking forward to the return of Friday lunch…

But, that’s all right. We’ll muddle through, trying our best to make Jeff proud. Sometimes it goes a little smoother than others.

But enough lamentations. Here’s the buzz from the newsroom today…

- Check out Tyler Murphy’s photos from the Norwich Fire Department’s Open House, which was held last night in honor of Fire Prevention Week.

- Today’s Dummy Prize goes to yours truly, for a glaring misspelling on our website. In my haste to upload our online edition this morning, I spelled sentence with an “a.” No one bothered to point out the mistake to me, but Tyler Murphy, who wrote the article the misspelled headline was unfortunately attached to, got plenty of feedback. It was my gaff, not his, and I take full responsibility for the error. But seriously, I hardly think it warrants an allegation that we’ve “compromised our journalistic integrity.” Particularly since by the time the allegation was made, the error had been corrected. And trust me, I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

- On today’s community page is a story about Law Tarello, whose show M’Larky aired on Comedy Central last week. Interviewing Law was a blast from the past for me, since we went to school together. Only in those days we knew him as Larry. He was always a pretty funny guy, so it’s no surprise to me that he’s having such success in his acting and improv career. He had me in stitches during our phone interview, and I even found myself laughing to myself as I peruse my notes later. (This drew some interested looks from my coworkers, who are more accustomed to me sobbing at my desk than chortling.) If you haven’t checked out this new show already, you definitely should.

- Sometimes I’m amazed at the talent and ability of those who live in our local communities. When I first spoke to Joann Crandall about the Fort Stanwix Porcelain Artist’s upcoming Victorian Luncheon, I really didn’t have a clear what china painting was all about. But when I visited her home in North Norwich, I was quite simply blown away. Her creations are truly works of fine art.

- Todd Campbell, who pens the DVD Patrol column, paid us a little visit this morning. (He sauntered in on deadline this morning, but it was okay, since he classifies as an employee.) It’s not often the Toddster stops by the newsroom, so we did actually look up from our keyboards long enough to say hello. And it’s a good thing we did, since he reminded us we have another Toddster Team-up coming up. For this one, we’ll be paying homage to the work of legendary horror writer Stephen King. I already called Misery, Jeff.

- And now, I’m going to finish up my work so I can spend the rest of this beautiful afternoon the best way I know how: on the golf course! TGIF…

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