Editor’s Notebook: 10/7/10

Jeff Genung

Since today is figuratively my Friday, TGIT.

• I posted a sign on the entrance to our offices yesterday that reads, “EMPLOYEES ONLY: Visitors Please Report To The Pennysaver Front Desk.” There had been one there before, but people generally ignored it anyway, so I hadn’t bothered in a while. You see, we’re in a segregated office suite away from the “main” building here on Lackwawanna Avenue. As we’re a smaller part of the operation, we share “front desk” services with The Pennysaver and Circulars Unlimited across the parking lot. Generally, since we don’t have a reception desk, the newsroom is not open to the general public. There’s no signage on our section, yet people seem to figure out how to wander in anyway – often standing bewildered in our lobby, which is  receptionist-less. That’s why we prefer that John Q. Public visit The Pennysaver’s front desk – where Jan takes reservations, Lois is the concierge and Julie is your cruise director. Just makes it easier on everyone. And yes, this means you.

• Not twelve hours after I posted the sign, a non-employee waltzed right in anyway. Grrr.

• Norwich Firefighters look good in pink, I must say. No, it’s not a  fashion choice on their part – they’re doing their thing to show support for October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and raising money to boot. Good for them. There’s a story, and pink-hued photo, on today’s front page. Word has it their plans to sell pink rubber wristbands, with the slogan (and I kid you not) “I Love Boobies” on them, were aborted last-minute. Oh, the fun I could have had with those  … figuratively, again.

• Melissa Stagnaro waxes poetic about Pepperidge Farms’ Mint Milanos in today’s blog. She’s serious about this love affair, but equally serious about working out again. Though I made the requisite Olivia Newton-John joke when she emerged in her workout attire before lunch, I admire her fortitude. Just as, I’m sure, the Y admires me for paying them every month and not using the gym.

• Kudos to my Evening Sun team – Melissa, Brian Golden and Tyler Murphy – for representing us this morning at the Norwich Merchants Association meeting, where we were the featured business of the month. I hear they acquitted themselves quite well in their presentation. Which reminds me – if your group ever needs a guest speaker or a field trip, give me a call. We love to talk about ourselves and show off at every opportunity.

• Had a nice time at Commerce Chenango’s Business After Hours at the Benedict Corporation last night, made even better by catered goodies from New York Pizzeria in New Berlin. Perhaps less celebrated than the aforementioned Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also National Pizza Month.

• Off to see “Of Mice and Men” at the Chenango River Theatre in Greene tonight. Look for my review in tomorrow’s paper.