Editor’s Notebook: 10/4/10

Jeff Genung

10/4, good buddy …

• Looks like they had a pretty good turnout for Saturday’s “Remember in November” Tea Party rally in downtown Norwich. Say what you will about the Tea Partiers (and God knows I have), but you’ve got to admire their spunk. But to the guy holding the “Don’t Believe The Liberal Media!” sign who posed proudly for our photographer: Look up the word “irony.”

• So Melissa Stagnaro didn’t have a story on today’s front page — does that mean she didn’t work today? I actually get that one a lot. People seem to think that if they don’t see your byline that day, you’re not working. The truth is that not every bylined story appears on the front page (Melissa, for example, wrote a feature story this morning on Giltner’s that will appear in Tuesday’s edition), and, in rarer circumstances, sometimes a story just doesn’t work out and a reporter rolls snake eyes for the day. But just because you don’t see their name on the front page doesn’t mean they’re not working hard for the money, trust me.

• It’s raining. Again. Didn’t I write about this last time? Insert joke about building an ark here.

• Saw an amazing performance at the Council of the Arts Saturday night — The Jason Bishop Show. He’s an illusionist ala David Copperfield, Lance Burton et al, but it was his running commentary (on the Tea Partiers referenced above, and having to issue every instruction twice in Chenango County) that had me rolling in the aisle. It was a great show for the whole family, and the first in the Council’s 2010-2011 performance series. Next up, Celtic Crossroads on Oct. 23.

• Speaking of deadlines (I wasn’t, but it’s a nice segue), don’t be caught DEAD without entering our annual Ghastly Ghost Stories Contest first! Get it? Dead? Well hopefully you’re better at this than I am … take a crack at it; you could be eligible to win a First Edition gift certificate and get your work published in The Evening Sun! The DEADline is Oct. 21. For all the details, see this story we did last week: Ghastly-Ghost-Stories-contest-returns!