Editor’s Notebook: 9/30/10

Jeff Genung

Newsflash: It’s raining. A lot. And in other news ….

• Brian Golden wrote a story today about a new city website, renewnorwich.org, that’s nearing completion. Paid for by part of the city’s $43,820 ARRA grant, it’s designed to inform residents about energy-saving opportunities. From all accounts, about $12,000 of that went into the development and future upkeep of the website. That would have bought a lot of those squiggly light bulb things, but that’s just my opinion. And while the site itself looks like it’s going to have a lot of great information, the graphic at the top resembles, as Brian was quick to point out, a tampon commercial.

• William Albrecht, the new District Executive of the Baden-Powell Council of the Boy Scouts of America, sent me a press release today about the scouts’ upcoming popcorn sale, coinciding with their 100th anniversary. I would have published the press release anyway, of course, but Mr. Albrecht sealed the deal by including samples of the popcorn – including some yummy caramel corn, which I promptly devoured. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am not ashamed to admit here that the press can be bought in Norwich – with food.

• In tomorrow’s paper, you’ll read the final installment of the “Cathy” comic strip by Cathy Guisewite, who’s retiring from the business after many successful years. On Monday, we’ll start running “Stone Soup” by Jan Eliot. I hope you like it, because I bought a year’s worth. I’m always a little nervous about messing with the comics page lineup – I know many have still not forgiven me for axing “Kit & Carlyle” back in ‘04. This one wasn’t my fault, folks!

• Kudos to Evening Sun photographer Frank Speziale for that great seasonal shot on West Hill in Norwich on today’s front page. We give Frank a lot of guff in the newsroom, but what would we do without him? I can’t help pointing out, Frank, that I’m pretty sure that was a blue heron in the photo, not a stork!

• My summer Fridays off are extending through October, so I won’t be on duty tomorrow. Disclaimer: Jeff Genung is not responsible for anything you see in the Friday, Oct. 1 edition.