Editor’s Notebook: 9/29/10

Jeff Genung

Here’s what’s happening in my world today …

• Actually this isn’t exactly my world, but I wish it was. That crazy anti-Muslim burial ground thing in Sidney? Nuts! I laughed my butt off at the clip from Keith Olbermann. “Sidney freaking New York” indeed! But yeah, it’s just over the border in Delaware County, and we don’t cover Sidney, I’m afraid. But we did run the Associated Press story on today’s front page. I’ve seen many a politician make a fool of him/herself over the years, but this guy takes the cake.

• In the same “I Sorta Wish That Happened Here” category, I was totally envious of the story about the “sexting” DA in Wisconsin. Come on, Mr. McBride! There aren’t any murder trials on the horizon in Chenango County, can’t you give me something to work with here?

• Congratulations to Tom Morrone, who celebrated 50 years at Christman Motors this month (we had a story in today’s edition). I know some may not agree with his politics, but I’ve always found him to be the very dictionary definition of “stand up guy.” And given the way car dealers seem to trade salesmen, 50 years in one place is a monumental accomplishment.

• Just when you thought it was safe to open the newspaper … it’s the return of The Evening Sun’s annual Ghastly Ghost Stories competition! Brian Golden gets us started with some inspiration in today’s edition.  (Karen Bergamo, if you’re reading this, I hold you responsible for this yearly treat!) This year we’ve hooked up with Lisa Mody of First Edition Bookstore to provide gift certificates for the winners in adult and youth categories. We’ll publish the winners and the “best of” in our Pumpkin Vine special section on Oct. 28, right before the Norwich Pumpkin Festival. You’ve got until Oct. 21 to enter! See the details in today’s paper or on our Facebook page.